New domain extensions (gTLD's)

700+ new domain name extensions

ICANN is introducing new extensions into the Domain Name System. Release of these new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) is the next major milestone in Internet domain Name System. Some of extensions are like .music, .company, .ads, .bank, .cloud, .codes, .email, .radio, .video, .army and many more…. These extensions not only combines of generic english extensions, they also includes many different languages like chinese,  japanese and arabic too.

Over 100 million of the currently existing domains sit within a single popular domain extension that we all know of as .com. High priority for .com is always given in terms of brand, online visibility and also in terms of google SEO along with few gTLDs like .org, .net…etc. This is the case from last 30 years. This also lead to many businesses and individuals have their business model run around domain names (Buying and selling domain names). With all these scenario from last 3 decades affected many companies / businesses / individuals trouble in finding their desired domain name in .com, with the release of these new gTLD’s erases that trouble of online branding.

On other hand, thousands of new domains will be available for the registering by anyone – and the hijacking. If you already have a good online branded domain name on your brand / trademark, chances are that you may end up finding many guys owning same domain name with different extensions. Worst case you might even find cyber-squatters looking to cash in on your brand or trademark.

Here is list of most of Domain name extensions (gTLD’s) –

Many sites already started pre-registration –

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