Quick Tip: How To Find Brand Name & Domain Name Availability at a time for your Niche Like A Ninja!

Brainstorming for a Brand name is always a time-consuming activity. Once Brand name finalized, finding domain availability for same is another huge task. Though ICANN introduced new domain extensions recently, yet still with today’s popularity of web and domains, it’s always a hectic job to find brand name with domain availability.

Update:  Using this tool will finish the work within seconds – LeandomainSearch

Though I have listed out few Domain suggestion tools in one of my last post, which do save some time. Yet below procedure is one of the quickest & smartest way to find both – brand name and domain availability at a time within few minutes.

Idea is to mix-match keywords from the niche you are creating brand and the general keywords like fruits, colors name etc. and find domain availability for which we’ll be using an online tool – Dotomator

  1. Select 5 – 10 (or up to 50) keywords you like/want from the niche you are creating brand.
  2. Download the general keywords excel sheet from this link.
  3. Go to Dotomator.
  4. You can find 2 boxes Beginning and Ending to add keywords.
  5. At first add your niche keywords in first box.
  6. Copy 50 keywords once at a time (As Dotomator doesn’t uses keywords above 50) from the complete Combined & Single Row sheet of keywords in the above downloaded excel sheet. Repeat this step for rest of keywords (each time 50 keywords), you can add your own custom keywords and repeat the process.
  7. Click Combine Button for every 50 keywords.
  8. Under Results you’ll find list of available domains.

Note: Interchange the step 5 and 6, and repeat step 7 to get more domain name availability.

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